Ikonic has become employee owned.

Ikonic head office

A new ownership status Thanks to guidance from the international Azets advisory group, Ikonic is embarking on a remarkable endeavour. Ikonic has always been proud of its family orientated ethos with an emphasis on putting its team members first. With this in mind Ikonic is transferring a significant 60% of its shares to an Employee […]

The workplace culture that makes us Ikonic

Ikonic team members in their football shirts.

The principles of value, teamwork, empowerment, responsibility and family have created a unique culture at Ikonic which leads to low staff turnover and a motivated workforce.

Can sustainability make your business money?

Coins with plant roots

In recent times protecting the environment and sustainability have become more prevalent in the business world. There is an increasing realisation that businesses need to do more to become sustainable. But does being sustainable need to be seen as an expense or can it become profitable? What do the stats say? What is sustainability? To […]

What is sustainable IT?

Sustainability - Wind farms

We are all aware that there is a need to be more environmentally friendly in order to protect our planet for future generations and the IT sector has a key role to play in this.