Keyboard Printing

Reprint before replacing: the sustainable option

  • Increase the value in worn-out IT
  • Amend brand new laptop layouts or languages in days
  • Opportunity & security with branding options
  • Cost-effective from just £6 per keyboard.
  • UK Based printing facilities
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Language change options:

Refurbishment: Reprinting on second user keyboards

From: £6 per keyboard
  • Make any worn keyboard like new with our keyboard reprinting service
  • Avoid buying different laptops or keyboards due to layout
  • Refresh, change keyboard language or add new layouts in just 2-3 days
  • Extend the life of your equipment, avoid e-waste and help meet sustainability goals
  • Increase value in your IT

Brand New: Reprinting on factory sealed laptops

From: £25 per keyboard
  • Avoid difficult purchasing of foreign keyboards
  • Purchase one language keyboards or laptops & convert by printing
  • Keep the continuity of same model laptops through printing
  • Reprint any layout or language in 2-3 days
  • Avoid cost and e-waste of replacing keyboards

Branding: Increase security & brand awareness

From: £25 per keyboard
  • Provide bespoke branding on laptop lids and keyboards
  • Print any design, colour or logo
  • Print new designs, layout or language in 2-3 days (subject to order)
  • Offers additional theft security due to difficult to remove branding
  • Increased brand awareness could lead to new sales opportunities

Reprint before replacing: the sustainable option

Before & After

Transforming worn keys to like new

Keyboard language change

Change any European or US Keyboard into any other European or US Language IE US to UK.

Print on new or old keyboards

Many layout options available

Dual language & niche layout options available

Branding options for extra security and brand awareness

artwork-painting-on-a-stand G&B

Personalised design capabilities

Options are endless from your logo printed on the keyboard to the laptop lid.
urgent - G&B

Quick & effective service

Turnaround within 2-3 working days (subject to order).
shoot-target-point G&B

Precision reprinting

High-end equipment with an impressive 0.01mm tolerance.

UK based facilities & engineers

Enabling the most efficient and effective service provision from our UK based HQ.
Working in a forest
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Awarding winning sustainable printing ink, alongside preventing e-waste through printing rather than replacement.
certificate g&b

ISO accredited

Quality checks in our UK based reprinting facilities.
Keys being checked

Keyboard reprinting ROI calculator

Type in the number of keyboards you are looking to get reprinted to see your potential costs savings
Keyboard printing calculator

Case Study: Reprinting for Ukraine

Ikonic provided keyboard reprinting services for 19,008 laptops for humanitarian aid of displaced Ukrainian refugees.

We exceeded expectations by delivering this incredible order in record time and delivered directly to our client’s door. 

Only the best award winning ink is used on our keyboard printing, which has been credited as a sustainable product by a third party.

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Reprint before replacing: The sustainable option

Statista reports that the volume of replacement keyboards is expected to amount to 270.9m units per year by 2027. The impact: just under 800K tonnes of e-waste. That’s about the same weight as 80 Eiffel towers!

Award winning sustainable ink used for all our keyboard prints.

Sustainability you can announce in your ESG reports through avoidance of replacing keyboards.

Server Rack: Panel printing made easy

Our printing technology is so advanced that we can print high-quality designs directly onto the server rack blanks.

With the ability to print any design on your server rack panels, your imagination is the limit. From information to quirky images, it’s up to you.

Turn those empty spots in your customer’s server rack into opportunities. Place your brand or advertisement into those blank spaces.
Vinyl Recovering
You have a stock of laptop, but they are scratched on the lid and palm. They look old and tired, but inside they are still in great shape. What can you do? The answer, recover the laptop with top grade 3M vinyl.
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