Ikonic are now carbon neutral

Ikonic has begun a journey of sustainability, resulting in carbon neutrality, a Carbon Reduction Plan, and a net-zero emissions goal for 2038.

Ikonic has become employee owned.

Ikonic head office

A new ownership status Thanks to guidance from the international Azets advisory group, Ikonic is embarking on a remarkable endeavour. Ikonic has always been proud of its family orientated ethos with an emphasis on putting its team members first. With this in mind Ikonic is transferring a significant 60% of its shares to an Employee […]

The workplace culture that makes us Ikonic

Ikonic team members in their football shirts.

The principles of value, teamwork, empowerment, responsibility and family have created a unique culture at Ikonic which leads to low staff turnover and a motivated workforce.

Do all companies refurbish to the same standard?

Do all refurb the same banner?

The short answer is no. Ikonic have seen when examining the industry that not only are there different grades across the market, but companies are not held to any standard or governing body when grading their product.