Vinyl Recovering

You have a stock of laptop, but they are scratched on the lid and palm. They look old and tired, but inside they are still in great shape. What can you do?

The answer, recover the laptop with top grade 3M vinyl.

Vinyl recovering is a cost-effective way to give your laptop a brand-new look. Vinyl covers from Ikonic are designed bespoke to fit any laptop and printed onto the best 3M vinyl on the market, not one of the cheaper vinyl options available.

What are the advantages of Vinyl Recovering?

The Vinyl Recovering process

Our team of in-house specialist designers create bespoke vinyl layouts to fit each specific model of laptop. The design is then produced onto industry leading vinyl, we don’t cut corners with inferior materials.

Once the vinyl has been produced, our team of trained technicians then apply the vinyl to each laptop by hand.

Do you want to offer your own laptop vinyl covering service? You can buy Vinyl layouts specifically designed for your laptop from Ikonic and if required your technicians can receive full training from our specialist team members at our refurbished facility based in Greater Manchester.

What makes Ikonic different?

When done correctly, recovering your laptop with Vinyl brings it a new lease of life, but when done badly there can be bubbles, there can be overhang or it becomes obvious that vinyl has been applied. This is why we have invested in the best machinery and the best 3M Vinyl.


Vinyl Recovering – part of the Ikonic Refurbished Division

Refurbished IT is a key component in the Ikonic strategy. Refurbished IT is more cost effective and environmentally friendly compared to its brand-new equivalents. As such we have invested heavily into our in-house UK based refurbished team.

As well as offering completely refurbished IT equipment that must pass our strict 66-point checklist before it can be dispatched.

Our in-house services include laptop vinyl recovering and keyboard reprinting. Keyboard reprinting brings the keyboard . Our UV printing stops painting wearing out on keys and due to our customisable solutions, we can print in any language, early learning or any bespoke design that you may require on the keys.

For refurbished equipment. We are Ikonic.