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As platinum partners, Ikonic have a strong working relationship with Lenovo allowing us to bring the Lenovo solutions you want, when you want it. Ikonic have some of the best prices on Lenovo in the channel, with some product lines several hundred pounds cheaper than standard distribution pricing.

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Lenovo are one of the most popular IT brands in the world. The Lenovo range of devices are among the most innovative around. Lenovo have focused on productivity, creating machines with long battery life and great usability.

You can tell the difference, from durable hinges to acclaimed keyboards.
Cost Effective
Lenovo laptops are cost-effective, making them a popular choice for businesses. They offer high-quality features at a lower price point than some other high-end laptop brands.
Award-winning design
Lenovo have won hundreds of international awards for their forward-thinking designs.
Cool machines
Lenovo devices run efficiently and quietly, for less strain on internal components, lower power consumption and more comfortable handling.
The ThinkPad's keyboard is legendary. Known for its ergonomic and robust design. The ThinkPad is trusted by business users worldwide.

Industry-leading durability and reliability

Lenovo’s dedication to constantly improving product quality means rigorous testing for reliability and durability. In addition to our extensive in-house testing for real-world challenges.

Lenovo ThinkPad® devices are tested against twelve MIL-STD 810G Methods and twenty Procedures to demonstrate their toughness.

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Mechanical Shock

High acceleration, repeated shock pulses over 18 times.

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Shipboard Vibration

4-33Hz for 2 hrs.



Tested while running and turned off.



91–98% relative humidity, at 30–60°C.

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Sand & Dust

140 mesh silica dust for 6 hr. cycles and silica sand for 90 min. cycles.



28 days with common fungus sources



Tested for operations at 15,000 feet.

Solar radiation

Solar Radiation

Seven 24-hr. cycles of simulated UV radiation.


Explore atmosphere

Fuel vapor environment.

Low temperature

Low Temperature

9Storage: -25°C for 24 hrs. Operation: -21°C for 8 hrs.

Extreme Temperature

Extreme Temperature

-25 – 60°C over 3 cycles of 2 hr. duration.

High Temperature

High Temperature

Storage: 63°C for 24 hrs. Operation: 43°C for 8 hrs.

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