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Why it matters to your customers: Facts about sustainable IT

  • Legislation factors sustainable IT into Government purchases
  • Profit by providing an uncompromising product solution to a global concern
  • BSI Refurbished Technology supports ESG, carbon reporting, & net zero targets
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Avoid CO2 emissions

Prevent CO2 by not buying new and encouraging a circular economy

Prevent E-waste

Purchasing BSI Refurbished Sustainable Technology stops it going to landfill

Charity & Trees b&g
Positive Impact

Ikonic plant trees and donate to charity with every order

Preserve Water

from use in the refining and manufacture process of a new laptop

Prevent waste

Preserve natural resources from mining and production by not buying new

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Over 270 million new laptops are shipped annually and every leading manufacturer such as HP, Dell, and Lenovo details each new products carbon footprint.

A typical product report from a new manufacturer shows they expect the product’s first life to be 4 years when calculating its carbon footprint.

Once in the circular economy, the carbon footprint of the device can be brought down to zero through the British Standards Institue (BSI) refurbishment process.

77% of the carbon footprint is from manufacturing, 6% distribution, 17% use and less than 1% for its second life management.

At second life stage, Ikonic refurbish and put back into circulation. The BSI refurbishment process leaves a significantly lower carbon footprint than new.

Sustainable IT: Request your positive impact calculations

Our unique sustainability calculator will show the positive impact of purchasing BSI-certified Refurbished Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Facts You Can Rely On: No Greenwashing

All of our support and sustainability facts are referenced and cross-checked by our sustainability partners, Play It Green 


Positive Impact

For every purchase, a tree is planted and a charitable donation made to minimise the products legacy social & emissions impact
We plant Mangroves in Madagascar. Creating jobs and enabling sustainability.
Planting a tree with Play It Green & Eden has a carbon offset value of 73.8-100kg per tree

Avoid CO2 emissions

The manufacture of laptops emits carbon. You can prevent CO2 emissions by not buying new and encouraging a circular economy.

The original equipment manufacturers (OEM) supply each products carbon footprint.

A HP 840 G5 emits 290kg CO2eq. per unit manufactured. BSI refurbishment takes 15kg to process. So a total saving of 275kg CO2eq. per every unit.

laptop b&G

Prevent E-waste

Enable the circular economy by stopping old IT from going to landfill.

We calculate an average weight of e-waste prevented based on original product specification sheets.

Preserve Water

From the refining and manufacture of a new laptop

Brunel University conducted a study of water consumption at manufacture of a 5kg laptop. As the average weight of a laptop is 2.5kg, we halved the study for accuracy.

Preserve 95,696 litres of water per unit, by purchasing BSI refurbished.

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Prevent Production Waste

Every manufacture of IT creates waste from the production and refinement process of raw materials.

Avfall Sverige, a Swedish waste management authority, conducted a study showing the production waste at 1,200kg per every laptop.

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Sustainable Development Goals: How Ikonic Support


The United Nations and all member states in 2015 adopted the ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets for ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity for all over a 15-year span.

The following shows how Ikonic support the United SDG’s across 3 main categories:

SDGs: Related to e-waste management

E-waste management closely relates to a variety of SDGs, and allows us to support all coloured goals to the right.

The high raw material demand for the production of EEE (SDGs 8.4.1, 12.1.1, 8.4.2 and 12.2.2) and the requirement to consider e-waste (12.4.2) are amongst the most important to us.

However, the essential goals our BSI-Refurbsihed Technology supports are outlined by the United Nations as SDGs 11 and 12; Sustainable cities and communities, and Responsible consumption and production (SDG indicators 12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.4.2, and 12.5.1)

SDGs: Related to tree planting


Planting trees through our sustainability partner, Play It Green, supports 10 of the 17 United Nations SDGs and full details on their benefits, including in-depth reports can be found on our partners website.

Sustainable Development Goals: Related to the business as a whole



SDG 1.2 Reduce poverty by at least 50%.

Aim: Continue to make Charitable Donations to help to alleviate hardship



SDG 8.5 Full employment and decent work with equal pay.

Aim: Ensure all suppliers
pay real living wage.

SDG 11

11.6 Reduce the environmental
impact of cities


Aim: Reduce commuter miles through the encouragement of agile working where feasible.

SDG 12

12.2 Sustainable management and use of natural resources.


Aim: Accurately measuring our carbon footprint and achieve meaningful
reductions year on year.

SDG 13

13.2 Integrate climate change measures into policies and planning


Aim: Make sustainability reports, such as the carbon reduction plan, a part of Management.

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