EU Warranty

IT imports are on the increase. As one of the leading IT distributors, we’re making it our responsibility to help customers spot an import. Why? Because buying non-EU IT stock is against EU law for some manufacturers products. It also immediately invalidates the warranty and customers love the confidence that a warranty brings.

EU Regulations

Under EU law, intellectual property owners have the right to restrain the resale of their goods within Europe. These are called parallel imports which are done without OEM manufacturers’ consent form outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Breach EU law knowingly through direct importation, or unknowingly through purchasing from an EU-based intermediary, and the seller is liable for trademark infringement. It’s that serious.

Check every box

OEM manufacturers produce their goods throughout the world and then process and pack them ready for distribution. It’s this packaging that will tell you if you’re breaching EU law. To check, simply look at the bottom of the box and check for the circular Boxing Certificate. If it has a genuine manufacturers stamp and packaged in a country within the EU your item is within EU regulations and will have a valid warranty. This mainly applies to drives and servers, other products can have alternative stamps but beware of cheap non-eu / counterfeit imports.

Suspicious pricing

If you’re buying a new item for significantly less than it’s available from a trusted trader in the EU, be suspicious and only proceed with caution. Why? Because tempting though it might be, if you buy then sell-on an import, you would be liable for trademark infringement under EU law. Not only that, the manufacturer’s warranty would be invalid. Any customer with a problem will look to you, not the manufacturer to rectify the problem. So, it could cost you both reputationally and financially.

Concerned? Ask Questions

• Is the seller a 100% trusted EU trader?
• Do they have strict quality control practices?
• Do they understand the EU trade directive and how it applies to parallel imports?
• Can they evidence their supply chain if asked?
• Are they willing to have their serial numbers verified to ensure they are eligible for sale in the EEA?
• Will they send you a picture of the box and Boxing Certificate before shipping?

100% EU-certified Stock

Want a warranty with your IT? Every single item of our £7m+ stock is EU-certified. That means that if any of your customers have a problem with anything you buy from Ikonic, it’s covered and your reputation is intact. Plus, our huge buying power means you get a great deal on EU IT. Want to be 100% sure that everything you buy is EU-certified and carries a valid warranty? Call us today on +44 (0) 1706 360 000 or email [email protected]