Quality Assurance Policy

Ikonic Technology Ltd : QA (Quality Assurance) Policy

January 2024

Every member of Ikonic is totally committed to customer satisfaction and share responsibility for delivery of quality products and services, compliance with any relevant legislation and continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

Managers through their own practices and standards will endeavour to lead by example and give complete commitment to allocate all resources necessary to deliver the requirements of the quality policy and quality improvement programmes.

All staff are expected to contribute to quality improvement initiatives and participate creatively in the design, implementation and review of such activities.

Targets and objectives are normally set as part of the management review process and are communicated to all personnel and measured and reviewed as necessary.

Our quality management system and its maintenance and operation have been established to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO14001, and any relevant legal, regulatory requirements and approved codes of practice.

Our aim is ‘get it right first time’, reduce the number of errors and develop the best service, products and operational relationships with our external customers and suppliers.

The quality of support, interaction and achievement at every point within our supply chain is highly significant to our success and wherever practical we will work with in partnership with our suppliers and customers as a natural adjunct to the quality process.

Sharing of information, effective communication, education and training have leading roles to play in the implementation of our quality policy. To ensure that everyone is empowered to contribute, the policy, quality practices and programmes are promoted widely both internally and externally using a range of media.

Assistance is given to support the learning, education and training needs of staff at all levels so that they possess the competencies and know-how to enable them to deliver the requirements of our quality management systems.

This policy is reviewed annually

Chris Perry, Managing Director: Ikonic Technology Ltd

Reviewed by Director (Chris Perry) : Jan 2024