Aaron Burt – Account Manager


After leaving school in 2018, Aaron has spent the first four and a half years of his working life in the IT sector as an account manager. Keen to learn and improve, Aaron is very proud of the fact that he has attained A level 3, (not the easier level 2) IT Technical Salesperson Apprenticeship.

Aaron is a young, keen, and active member of the Ikonic team. He works hard to build relationships with all his customers and is keen to make sure that they are getting the best product to meet their needs at Ikonic’s very best possible price.

What is it like to work at Ikonic?

“Ikonic is like a family, we are a close team, who work hard to support each other. I think our customers can pick up on that. We all buy into the ethos of doing the best for our customers by making sure that products are delivered on time and at the very best possible price”

Away from Ikonic

Aaron is a keen footballer who regularly plays as a central defensive midfielder. A passionate Arsenal fan Aaron is always up to date with all of the gunners’ results at every level down to the under 18’s.

Away from football. Aaron is a keen boxer and has been heavily involved with youth development and coaching since 2020.