Simon Kaye – Customer Service Specialist

Working at Ikonic

Simon has been a team member of Ikonic for over 18 years. During his time here Simon has worked across a number of positions which makes him ideal for his role as a customer service specialist. If you have any product related purchase issues from Ikonic Simon is a friendly face and is keen to support you to a favourable resolution.

During his time at Ikonic Simon has seen a lot of changes in the company, he has seen us grow from one office in a small warehouse to a large company with a turnover of over £100m and two large warehouses, one in the UK and one in Germany.

Outside of Ikonic

In his personal life Simon is a family man and a huge movie enthusiast. Simon particularly likes comic book films and has a fine collection of superhero clothing, with one joker hoodie being particularly popular on dress down Fridays. What he won’t tell you is he is also a big Disney fan and loves nothing better than curling up on the couch with his family to watch a good old classic.

A once keen footballer and manager, his boots are now firmly hung up and his free time is taken up by watching his children pursue their hobbies of water polo, football, netball and dance.