Ikonic is a UK distributor for HYPERVSN – a complete system for creating, displaying and managing hologram-like visuals. Designed for showstopping exhibition stands and retail displays, it combines innovative 3D display and holographic projection technology with a unique software platform to stunning effect.


HYPERVSN is a complete integrated system, distributed in the UK by Ikonic, that allows the creation, display and management of 3D holographic visuals which resemble holograms floating in the air. The benefits literally leap out at you. This cutting-edge system uniquely integrates the HYPERVSN device with the scalability of the Pro Management Software and the wow-factor of 3D holographic content.



Ikonic introduces HYPERVSN Solo. This single device is capable of displaying visuals of up to 56cm. Accompanied by cloud services, proprietary software applications and tools, it can be used to create, display and manage dynamic 3D holographic content.



HYPERVSN Wall, available in the UK from Ikonic, is a unique combination of cutting-edge holographic display hardware and proprietary media management software. It combines multiple holographic devices to produce visuals of almost any size and configuration. The effect is incredibly arresting which makes it a highly effective and innovative marketing and branding tool.

How it works

The technology is complex but, in simple terms, four rays on the rotor seamlessly attach to the highly efficient motor to produce moving images of up to 30 fps. The rays spin faster, but with less revolutions per minute which is quieter, safer and cooler to deliver a much brighter, higher quality image. Each device comes with a simple-to-fit wall bracket  which improves the overall ease of equipment installation. A remote control keyfob is also included to control hard-to-reach installation locations.

Content and usability

We offer several options to create holographic visuals and images of superior quality. There is also a highly beneficial partnership program that enables design and marketing agencies to provide clients with something innovative and new whilst increasing the agency's revenues. HYPERVSN can also sustain the wow-effect of your holographic visuals by offering various image design and maintenance options that suit your time, budget and goals.


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