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Be part of the most important revolution in decades with Ikonic: 3D Printing. Global sales are set to increase 300% by 2020 to £20 billion. New uses for 3D Printing are being trialed and adopted by almost every sector from education to manufacturing and the creative industries. This is one of the most exciting areas of development.

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is where physical objects are built up in layers of materials, based on computer designs, creating Three Dimensional items. These can be anything from prototypes to working mechanical products and technical models. There are some incredible benefits to 3D Printing:

> Cost-effective, low-volume and flexible - ideal for bespoke production.
> The capacity to radically redesign products and to create materials with enhanced properties.
> Less need for expensive and dedicated tooling.
> Reduced environmental impact, reduced energy usage and material waste.
> Better-distributed manufacturing.


3D printer factory. 3DGence build 3D printers in Poland, from scratch. No compromises, only the best components and perfect printout quality.


LulzBot Free Software and Open Source Hardware - 3D printers, parts, and filaments.


FlashForge creates premium personal desktop 3D printers and 3D scanners for home and commercial use, including the award-winning Creator 3D printer.


XYZprinting are the world's leading creators of consumer-grade 3D printers, aiming to make 3D printing accessible to everyone.

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3D Printers - User Levels


This level is the start of the process where the buyer has viewed and performed some research into 3D Printing. Typically they have some understanding of 3D Design and want to move into production but they don’t want to pay too much at this stage. Ideal for those that are new to 3D Printing, the curiosity user, and children.

Starter Level 3D Printers: FlashForge Inventor II, FlashForge Finder, XYZ Da Vinci Jr 2.0 Mix, XYZ Da Vinci Jr Pro, XYZ Da Vinci Jr 1.0 Pro


The next step and the most common level of user. Customers will have some experience in 3D Design and print already but want to move up to a better quality output printer without significant complication or cost. This level is perfect for existing users, hobbyists, creative individuals, Primary Education, HE, FE+, SMB.

Intermediate Level 3D Printers; FlashForge Creator Pro, FlashForge Dreamer, FlashForge Inventor I, FlashForge Guider II, LulzBot Mini, LulzBot TAZ 6, 3DGence ONE, XYZ Da Vinci Pro 3 in 1, XYZ Da Vinci Super.


Users will by probably have had a continued period of experience using 3D Print and will either be looking to upgrade from Intermediate or looking to complement an existing print farm. They will be looking to create objects with an enhanced level of high detail at much lower costs compared to traditional costs of tooling and moulds. This level is ideal for existing users, Designers, HE, FE+, Research Institute, Dentistry and more.

Experienced Level 3D Printers available include the FlashForge Hunter. 


This is the top end of the user range. The typical user at this level will have expert knowledge in 3D Design and Print. Products range vastly; they can be High End Design and Manufacturing Companies wanting to reduce tooling and moulding costs, or have multinational sites that would benefit from multi-located 3D Printers allowing them to share designs without the cost of continued shipping. 3D Hubs – 3D Print Hubs are on the rise across Europe. This level is perfect for High End Design, Manufacturing, Medical, Dentistry, MOD and 3D Hubs.

Professional 3D Printers available include the 3DGence F340.


Maintenance, Warranties and Accessories

All of Ikonic's 3D Printer brands come with 12 months Manufacturer Warranty from point of registration for hardware as standard. This is on a pick up and return basis from and to the end user. The extruders on all 3D Printers are classed as a consumable and as such come with a 90 day warranty from point of registration. Contact an Ikonic advisor for more details.

First line direct support with the manufacturer via phone and email is available across all 3D Printer brands distributed by Ikonic. LulzBot provide award-winning, free 24/7 telephone and email support as standard for 12 months, giving additional value and support to the LulzBot brand.
Extended warranty and training options are available, please ask for details.

There are additional accessories that offer greater capabilities and benefits to the end user whilst providing great margins for sales:

Additional Single Extruder Head – Back up heads.
Dual Extruder Head – Multi-colour printing.
Single Flexy Extruder Head – Reliable flexible printing.
Dual Flexy Extruder Head – Multi flexible printing.
Additional Hot Ends – Easy to replace, keeping the printer in top condition.
Additional Print Beds – Easy to replace, giving clean flat print surfaces.
Filaments – Multitude of colours, types and capabilities.
Resin – Super accurate, high quality finish* (*FlashForge Hunter use only)


Who can benefit from 3D Printing?

New uses of 3D Print are being found daily, which means expansion into multiple-markets. Cost efficient and time saving, the hassle free capabilities of 3D Printing is appealing to a broad spectrum of industries. 

The key areas that are currently showing the greatest adoption of 3D Printing are: Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Dental, Education, Energy, Film & TV, I.T. Jewellery, Manufacturing, Media, Medical, MOD, Real Estate, Retail, Utilities and many more areas.

The Future of 3D Printing

To find out more about the importance of 3D Printing - Download the Free White Paper on the Future of 3D Printing.

3D Printing is being heralded as the new Industrial Revolution! It is here and it is incredibly exciting. This free document answers the important questions; What is 3D Printing? Where does the future lie for 3D Printing? Who will benefit from Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing).

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